Sunday, March 19, 2006

In the owl's nest...

Last week I spent a few in the East Village at the Establishment, compliments of Chouette.

If you're around there now or anytime, go get a ~Green~Tea~Custard~Cookie~ at PANYA (10 Stuyvesant St)...
Best $2 I've spent in my entire life, plus the whole place is run by the 3 cutest Japanese hippie girls I've ever had the opportunity to stare (almost) uncomfortably at for an awkward period of time.

Whatever. Mon Chaton bought me the best hat ever, apple-jack hand made borderline ridiculousness at La Coppola Storta. Caught Blood On The Wall at Mercury, good times at Daddy's, and attitude at APT. Chouette made me tea and gave me EmbryoNNCK, which I pass on to you, dear reader.

EDIT: Chouette asked me to take this record down. I will, however post a new link with a few choice tracks. As always, support the artists and buy the record, (from an independent record shop, of coarse), and catch 'em live when they come your way.


Anonymous sapien said...

My invisible beard thanks you.

12:20 AM  
Blogger disappearingink said...

These are REALLY cool images. Came over here via JPT and am VERY impressed. Great work!

8:27 AM  
Anonymous amanda banes said...

thank you dear

11:03 AM  

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