Thursday, April 13, 2006

Drone on...

In the apartment below my first lived a very friendly pot dealer. His cat's name was Cecil, but I don't remember his. I do recall that even if you weren't buying, you could always drop in and smoke a bit before heading upstairs, probably to bed. I was getting way into earlier Sonic Youth at the time, (they have a new one on the way. Yes, I have it. No, I will NOT be posting it. That shit with the Espers kinda got icky), and soon the three came together. That is, smoking and sleeping and the drone of a hundred guitars.
Something about that heavy detuned sludge of distorted strings puts me right where I need to be. Michael Gibbons from Bardo Pond speaks about that indefinable brain chemical majik that occurs when all the right overtones invade your head at the same time. Seeing Bardo Pond live is practically religious. If you're in Providence next weekend, they'll be there too, at Terrastock 6, which is exactly where you should go if you are. They also have a new slab on the way, out 6/6/06. Hail Satan, and stuff. (No, I HAVEN"T heard it yet. Hook me up.)
Fittingly, Pharoah Overlord's live set, The Battle of the Axehammer, is also loud as a house crashing into the ground. Y'know, that scene in My Own Private Idaho?
Anyhow, this was the first thing by them that I had heard, and although I'm into the live approach, I think I might dig the studio versions that much more because of it.
Turn it up all the way.
And I will up more (other) Espers soon, but I'm gonna lay some Jeweled Antler Collective on you first...


Blogger Percy Dovetonsils said...

you don't happen to have the latest Pharoah overlord album do you?

9:42 PM  
Blogger mayohumbert said...

By latest do you mean 3, or the as yet to be released 4?

6:13 PM  

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