Thursday, May 18, 2006

In the Garden of Eaten...

The house I live in was built in 1925. I occupy the second floor, a tiny, one bedroom with character to spare. It is far from perfect, but in a sense, perfect for my needs. Double-doors open the livingroom to the front and allow access to my balcony, which overlooks a rather large front yard. Ever since I moved in last September, I've wanted to put that yard to good use, specifically, with a Sunday afternoon game of croquet. This Sunday, my wish will be granted.

Now, mind you, no simple, casual game will do. Not for me, nor my friends. This Sunday's match will be to the death, a tiered tournament 'till the last ball-smacker stands proud, golden mallet thrust high in the springtime sun. A champion.

For extra entertainment/humor/ridiculousness, I've decided there will also be a best dressed award given to the player with the most creative and/or appropriate attire. DJ Air France will be couture judge. Being French, I assumed she would be the most qualified for such a lofty title.

You have no idea how excited I am, in 76 hours, I will be on that balcony, looking down at my friends, drinking mojitoes, dressed like Victorian socialites, characters from Heathers and Alice in Wonderland, all playing a ruthless, bloody CROQUET DEATH MATCH!!!

In keeping with the high spirits I am currently in, I'm dropping some jazz science on y'all today...

Meet Mr. Joe McPhee, cult figure and tenor sax monster, McPhee and his quintet + cut the three tracks on Nation Time live in 1970, which was released the following year on CjR records, (dusty finger alert: if you find the original, buy that fucker, 'cause nobody else has it. For real). This is a serious heavy heavy heavy jazz funk beast, I promise you won't find anything that smokes as much, or gets your ass to shaking this hard. The centerpiece stomper Shakey Jake is a reckless, organ driven free funk freak out that has yet to be matched.

While I'm at it, Nothing Is would be my all time favorite Sun Ra joint. Recorded at various NY state college shows in 1966 and released on ESP in 1970, Sun Ra and his Arkestra pack the tight black grooves on this piece of vinyl with the exuberance and mysticism that made him infamous. Dancing Shadows explodes out of your cones and takes this one off like a non stop flight to Saturn, and if the ominous and hypnotic Exotic Forest and Shadow World don't make you a believer, than your soul is lost forever, man.

As usual, headphones are recommended,


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