Monday, May 01, 2006

My absence was really the cornerstone of my involvement...

I know I said I would post a whole bunch of stuff this weekend, but two life altering events occurred on Sunday, delaying my chance to drop the science for a bit.

Event number one: my hot water heater broke, leaving me to ice-cold showers and the resident below me to showers of water in his living room. Neither one of us are too happy about this, but I'd rather freeze while bathing than deal with a minor flood, another point for second floor living.

Event number two: my acquisition of the Criterion Collection edition of The Man Who Fell To Earth. For the past 24 I have been highly distracted by a Roeg directed, Bowie filled other-world of fashionable aliens and cryptic plot lines. A eerie place filled with naked hirsute extras and 1970's haute designer furnishings, Rip Torn and a bubble blowing Buck Henry. My all time favorite Sci-Fi flick, in all of it's digitally restored, wide screened and director's cut glory. I am in heaven, and now fully aware of how brutally the film was cut for it's US release. A tragic mistake finally made good.

If you are familiar with the film, and now knowing it's on my top shelf, you will immediately understand my appreciation of art that is largely impenetrable. I like things that unfold over time, revealing hidden layers and subtext with each viewing/reading/listen. Give me J.G. Ballard's Atrocity Exhibition any day.

And while your at it, drop the needle on a Dead C record. Those highly prolific Kiwis have been cranking out opiate friendly and frustratingly limited edition records packed to the run off groove with dense sheets of dissonant sound for over a decade. Each new album tops the previous, and the relatively recent, Fleetwood Mac(?) inspired Tusk is near perfect in it's mood altering dark bliss. I can't think of a guitar sound that seems so much like forever in all directions at once.

Another exercise in sheer depth of sound is The Crescent's full length debut Now. The jaw dropping one-two punch of lead tracks Sun and Superconstellation set the stage for one of the best recordings of the 90s. The whole thing sounds like it was recorded with contact mics attached to the outside of an airplane hanger in the seventh ring of Hell, and believe me, that is such a good thing.

Headphone use is recommended.


Blogger mr.A said...

I have to thank you again dude! ...The Crescent - Now, Damn its another great band i never heard of before.

4:21 AM  
Blogger mayohumbert said...

you will be happy to know that in the next few days I will be dropping 2 more Crescent records, one that seemingly fell out of the sky and one by their sister band, (some call it a side project, but it's the exact same group with a different name).

8:20 AM  
Blogger mr.A said...

...Damn i start to drool

2:54 AM  

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