Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Writing with a ghost over my shoulder...

One of the last assignments I had to complete for my aforementioned sex in lit & film class was a compare and contrast of my favorite book, Lolita, and the two films that bear it's slight resemblance. Needless to say, my mind is still crawling around in the back of my skull, digging around dusky corners for things to further deconstruct. I feel for what my friends must have to endure, self-absorption and soporific meanderings of the tongue and tale.


So, the good thing is, over break, I intend to keep to a strict one novel a week diet, beginning with the already begun Woman in the Dunes. More than likely what follows should go something like this...
Norwegian Wood
Lunar Park
The Man Who Fell To Earth
Invitation To A Beheading
Probably not in that order. That'll take care of the first month and a half, at least.

Speaking of stories, Boris released Mabuta No Ura at some point recently overseas, (namely Japan and Brazil), as a "soundtrack to the film seen on the backside of the eyelids" after reading the stories included in the rather elaborate packaging while listening to the CD enclosed. How's that for hot shit cerebralism? It's a pretty smooth listen, at any rate. More on the acoustic-psych-cum-drone epic end of the Boris spectrum.

NY's Sightings have been making quite a racket for some time, and on their forth outing, Arrived In Gold, they make their own play for higher level thinking noise. Big on dynamics and lean on everything else, leave this one home alone and you'll return to find it's teeth bared, salivating and snarling at you from the corner of your bedroom.

Another forth record in, Paik's Satin Black is a weighty platter as well. After the lead off, the rest of the tracks bleed together, seeping into your headphones on an overcast summer afternoon, patient, threatening. Heavy more in spirit than actual execution, but well executed none the less. Pairs well with a mid period Bardo Pond.

Bon Apetit.


Blogger musicgnome said...

Just wanted to say thanks for this blog and some enlightening reviews and samples.

Specifically, the Sightings entry which I have been searching for some time, now.

7:03 PM  
Blogger mr.A said...

Its getting kinda boring but i have to thank you again. Last week i bought some cd's and i had planned to buy "Mabuta No Ura" to, but it was to expensive. And now you bring it to me cool dude.
And then there is "Paik". Shame on me i didnt know these guys. This album really kicks ass. Perfect Heavy Groovin Psych!!!

8:40 AM  
Blogger Dirk said...

Thanks for posting that boris cd

4:21 AM  

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