Friday, March 24, 2006

Soul provider...

Double disc deep soul inferno.
I tried to keep the slices thick and juicy, with a sprinkle of psych and a whole lotta thump.
Keep yer weekend shakin'.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Deeper into the forest...

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and, when I became a teenager, my family relocated to Pennsylvania, about an hour outside of Pittsburgh. Both locations were far enough away from the city that, pre-driver's license, the allure and excitement of urban excursions were largely unattainable. Sure, there were plenty of chaperoned shopping trips filled with embarrassing pleas to stop by the record store for "just 10 minutes", and after I gained the freedom of petrol powered mobility, I would disappear to the depths of Oakland, (the area around Pitt University, the Carnegie-Melon Museum, collector's 12 Inch, Decade, The "O", and Avalon, the first vintage clothing store I had ever been in), for weeks at a time. I can still hear my mother's fearfully strained voice over the phone, "Are you okay? When were you planning on coming home?"

But before all those stolen moments of urban euphoria, which were sponsored by my adopted older sister and spiritual guide, Angella Ferry, (what ever happened to you, Ang?), there was only one place for a maladjusted teen to wander off and find solace, (& beer & pot & acid & fumbling attempts at sex & the obligatory abuse of fireworks and power-tools), the WOODS!

The shelter and shield of massive evergreens. The infinitely interesting insect life. The occasional abandoned and forgotten old cemetery. Cornfields and creepy sheds and rotting animals. Bonfires and vomit and condoms filled to the breaking point with young reckless lust.

Circle rocks the creepy vibe on Forest. This album gets me every time and makes me think that maybe I should drop liquid just one more time. If anyone has any Circle records they would like to share, I'll meet you underneath that old dead oak tree with a worthwhile trade.

Pharaoh Overlord is connected to Circle in some way or another, I don't recall at the moment. Horrible name for the only psychedelic folk space metal band I know of. These cats could play the same riff for an hour and have you begging for more. I will gladly upload their entire discography if there is enough interest.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Surrendering the ego...

To be truthful, the idea of living and functioning in a commune or collective has always been kind of frightfully attractive to me. The model has been very fruitful for others, and assuming that I would take the Warhol position in some enviably creative ex-pat multi-media ensemble in Berlin or Prague or Barcelona or Tokyo, one would think that after a short period of momentum building, my slack shouldered and haute couture clad clan of conceptualists would rule the world before eventually tearing apart at the seams and dissolving into a self destructive and deceitful mess of has-beenery.

Oh yes, dear reader, I dare dream that big!

Amon Duul II is one of my favorite examples of the "whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" bit. Except for Renate Knaup, whose parts were pretty great on their own, if I may be so bold. AD2's dancing lemmings get me in the mood for communism even on my most selfish days.

The Galaxies' Incredibly Sensual Transmission Field of the Tower Recordings updates The Holy Modal approach and adds a dizzying lack of focus that will have you seeking the safety and comfort of others before you can say "Hare Krishna".

When the tribe of Telepathe head into the forests of Brooklyn, they plug in the campfire and pluck fx from feedback trees for their chant-a-longs. This EP is out now on The Social Registry. Rich's 30th is coming up and buying some music from his label is like buying him cake, (or paying his rent, depending on how you look at things).

THANKS to all of you for checking out this page. Your comments and compliments have been very encouraging. Special thanks to SAPIEN for Corky's Debt. Look closely, kids.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Have you ever noticed that there are certain pieces/works of art, be it film, sculpture, a painted canvas, or music that are so "difficult" or "complex" that it may take several immersions over the years before one can fully wrap their heart & mind around it?

It is through the gradual exposure to additional seething beasts of cultural catharsis that we gain more insight and understanding of other glittering and glistening paragons. You can't expect someone raised on pop radio to fully comprehend Sun Ra.

After the absorption of other diseases, we slowly become enamored with our own rotting flesh.

The first time I listened to Red Krayola, I didn't know what was happening to me. 10 years later, I reference them all over this blog. Live at The Angry Arts & Berkeley Folk Festivals. A certain Mr. John Fahey sits in to add his own psychosis to the swirling anti-hippie madness. RK hold the honor of the only band on the bill asked to stop playing, please.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

In the owl's nest...

Last week I spent a few in the East Village at the Establishment, compliments of Chouette.

If you're around there now or anytime, go get a ~Green~Tea~Custard~Cookie~ at PANYA (10 Stuyvesant St)...
Best $2 I've spent in my entire life, plus the whole place is run by the 3 cutest Japanese hippie girls I've ever had the opportunity to stare (almost) uncomfortably at for an awkward period of time.

Whatever. Mon Chaton bought me the best hat ever, apple-jack hand made borderline ridiculousness at La Coppola Storta. Caught Blood On The Wall at Mercury, good times at Daddy's, and attitude at APT. Chouette made me tea and gave me EmbryoNNCK, which I pass on to you, dear reader.

EDIT: Chouette asked me to take this record down. I will, however post a new link with a few choice tracks. As always, support the artists and buy the record, (from an independent record shop, of coarse), and catch 'em live when they come your way.

I've been looking for myself everywhere I go...

Perhaps I will find a me here.
What follows will be an exercise in decadence and self absorption.
A small gift may be enticing, no?
Mr. Kevin Ayers has a voice that I can dream of tonight. Good for laughter and tears, sleeping and breathing.
This is Joy Of A Toy. You're welcome.