Thursday, April 27, 2006

If I could make it any easier...

My deepest apologies for going underground as of late. School is reaching it's freneticly paced end, started a new job, and the obligatory girl problems have reached a new level of distractive and depressive lows. I promise to post an obscene amount of records throughout this weekend, so sit tight, kids.

I will also return to my overly self-indulgent and obtuse set-up style as soon as I can find two thoughts to rub together....

Anyway, I was gonna fill some requests and post Espers Weed Tree EP, but Wine Women and Song beat me to the punch, sending me digging for Greg Weeks last solo effort Blood Is Trouble. The second track, Dusted, kicks like a rocked out Espers track, the rest of the album will take a few spins to really sink in.

Now if I could only find that Spirit Of Orr [[VVRRSSNN]]/Greg Weeks split 7 inch that got me all hot and bothered over our skinny little bespectacled guitar hero in the first place... Guess I'll be hitting the record shop this weekend.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Movable feast, portable studio...

It is Monday and I am tired. Long Easter weekend, many social outings, much food and alcohol. Somehow managed to be perpetually surrounded by girls named after flowers, can't really complain.

Unfortunately, I have a thousand things to study for, finals are approaching rapidly, so here's the thing...

Skygreen Leopards Jehovah Surrender and She Rode On A Pink Gazelle & Other Dreams, two solid EP's from the more rock oriented half of Jeweled Antler Collective, from main man Glenn Donaldson.

Two more Ep's from the Jeweled's sprawling sub-catalog by the Famous Boating Party and The Once & Future Herds, further out on the folk tip, recorded outside, concrete and tape hiss, birdsong and bemusement.

Liz Janes & Create(!), not related at all, but geographically and sociologically connected. Free jazz and folk traditionalism. Perfect strangeness.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Drone on...

In the apartment below my first lived a very friendly pot dealer. His cat's name was Cecil, but I don't remember his. I do recall that even if you weren't buying, you could always drop in and smoke a bit before heading upstairs, probably to bed. I was getting way into earlier Sonic Youth at the time, (they have a new one on the way. Yes, I have it. No, I will NOT be posting it. That shit with the Espers kinda got icky), and soon the three came together. That is, smoking and sleeping and the drone of a hundred guitars.
Something about that heavy detuned sludge of distorted strings puts me right where I need to be. Michael Gibbons from Bardo Pond speaks about that indefinable brain chemical majik that occurs when all the right overtones invade your head at the same time. Seeing Bardo Pond live is practically religious. If you're in Providence next weekend, they'll be there too, at Terrastock 6, which is exactly where you should go if you are. They also have a new slab on the way, out 6/6/06. Hail Satan, and stuff. (No, I HAVEN"T heard it yet. Hook me up.)
Fittingly, Pharoah Overlord's live set, The Battle of the Axehammer, is also loud as a house crashing into the ground. Y'know, that scene in My Own Private Idaho?
Anyhow, this was the first thing by them that I had heard, and although I'm into the live approach, I think I might dig the studio versions that much more because of it.
Turn it up all the way.
And I will up more (other) Espers soon, but I'm gonna lay some Jeweled Antler Collective on you first...

Friday, April 07, 2006

Dead Kings and Queens...

So ends another week of mostly stress filled days, however, there are a few things to celebrate.

Firstly, I work at a wine shop, and tonight will be my return to running our weekly tasting, and there is no better way to start a Friday night than a few glasses of Caymus or Beaux Freres, not to mention the 2 Percocets my co-worker Laura left me with.

Secondly, on at least two separate evenings, very attractive girls, (different ones), approached and engaged me in flirtful conversation. The one with the darkest hair and the nicest lips said I looked like Benicio Del Toro, which IMMEDIATELY increased my interest. I am, after all, a self centered little fucker.

And finally, one of my favorite existent bands is about to release their second full length on the 16th, which means they'll be touring soon, and I hear they are nothing short of sublime in performance. The band is Espers and the record is Espers II. This album is a bit heavier than the first one, possibly due to their new home at Drag City, and actually rocks in places. At any rate, they have my vote for best Acid/Psych Folk record of the year so far, absolutely mesmerizing.


We appreciate that you like Espers and want to share your like with others, but we don't want people having record without paying for it - that's antithetical to what we're all doing here. This record isn't even out for another five weeks!

We would appreciate it if you would please take it down immediately. And disable the rapidshare link as well.

Thank you,

Drag City Inc.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

"up to his neck in frozen methane..."

Troublesome banshees play at my window tonight... I write this adrift in Ommegang & White Rhino with traces of things more illicit, both in substance and intent.

A slight downer of a day despite an afternoon of Viet cuisine, (including aloe vera and coconut flake juice), and thesis development at Redlightredlight. My anchor lays miles from here...

Thuja mystify, this evening's seance performed for the sake of ghost plants.

Ben Vida's first bird show burns bright with backwoods/bedroom/blacklight fret and knob twistery.

Two pleasant nightmares... Sleep soundly.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Empty Moment...

In the house(s) I grew up in, my parents kept a modest but sufficient library of classic novels, books on travel and books on new-age trends, quite a few WWII historical accounts, a bunch of JFK conspiracy theory crap, approximately 25 years worth of National Geographic back issues, espionage thrillers, cookbooks, a few Bibles, and a series of tomes on different important artists. A rather handsomely packaged set, (leather bound slipcovers with full-color plates of major works embedded and embossed on the sleeves), that were sent once a month until my father determined that either; 1. We had reached a point of cultural saturation, or, (more likely), 2. He no longer wished to pay $29.99 a month on books he had no intention of reading.

In this series I learned about Picasso and DaVinci, Hopper and Pollack, even a little about Rockwell and Degas. However, one book stood out, and when I moved into my first apartment and the set was offered to me, it was the only one I took. The subject, Marcel Duchamp.

Duchamp became a great influence in my life, and recently I began reading Octavio Paz's essay "Marcel Duchamp: Appearance Stripped Bare". Needless to say it's pretty heavy stuff, all about Duchamp's theories and vision and persona. Paz and Duchamp were good friends and he manages to give quite a bit of insight into the life of the man that gave us meta-irony, Dada, post-cubism, surrealism, ready-mades, an-artistic gestures, "Nude Descending a Staircase", and arguably changed the way in which we look at the world.

If you aren't familiar with Marcel's work, do yourself a favor and check him out.

If you haven't read Octavio Paz, he's written some amazing poetry and fiction in addition to high-brow essays, and I would highly recommend his work.

Ben Chasny would probably back me up on that one. As Six Organs of Admittance, crazy Ben has done his share of breaking new ground artistically, blowing minds around the world with his fractured psychedelic folk melancholia. He wrote a whole album for Octavio, and more recently tangled guitar necks with Hiroyuki Usui of Fushitsusha as August Born.

Magical Power Mako is friends with Hiroyuki, and way back in the early 70s, he was keeping Dada alive while recording and assembling Hapmoniym. Similar in concept to Faust Tapes, the first 10 installments of Hapmoniym are fascinating sound collages of solo guitar, early electronics, field recordings and traditional Japanese folk instrumentation. This is #2.